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actualfax update

» Interview tomorrow with Glorybee Foods in Eugene. I applied there for a marketing assistant position, which apparently they filled, but then I guess they opened up a new position (Events/Social Media) and called me. Which is good, I think?

Family owned company. Eugene. I have no idea what to wear.

» Got word back on my portfolio. Passed. (Thank God.)

» Now have my exam question to do, for which I'm freaking out. Because I'm convinced that I don't actually know anything.

» And of course this week is the week I'm doing two events for Ooligan, driving to Eugene for a job interview, training up to Seattle to visit relatives and going to Spokane to get Remicade and back and applying for other jobs and meeting with landlords with look_alive to get housing nailed down for the summer (which might be all weird if I get this job anyway) and also trying not to get slaughtered by overdue fines (too late) all in the week before Remicade which means my guts are freaking out because this cycle has been ALL STRESS ALL THE TIME.

» And also I am barely scraping by, money-wise. Everywhere I turn, there's another Thing that has to get paid, and there's a limited amount of time I can work, because I got to get all this graduate work done somehow.

» Listened to Patrick Stump's new song, which basically balled me all up in knots even more, and then Patrick Wolf's new song, which makes me homesick. Emotionally off-kilter, check.

» And I have to call my adviser back about this question and I hate phones and I just want to go to sleep forever but I need to eat food.

» Basically I'm just going to sit in the corner and quietly implode.
Tags: grad skool is freaking me out, jobsearch, life at pdx
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